Hush Candle - Cinnamon Patchouli Essential Oil Candle


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Experience the great benefits of aromatherapy with Hush Candle.

Made from 100% soy wax, this Cinnamon Patchouli candle scented with natural cinnamon leaf and patchouli essential oil has a robust and hearty scent with strong hints of musk and spice. It gives a relaxing, grounding feeling reminiscent of the holiday season. 

The warm, sweet and spicy cinnamon top notes helps to increase blood circulation, rendering it a great headache remedy and detoxifies the air, while the soothing undertones of Patchouli helps to drive away negative feelings such as sadness, loss and disappointment.

Hand-poured and made in Singapore. 

  • 4oz (burn time of 25 hours): $18.00

*As all Hush Candle candles are scented with plant-based, all-natural essential oils, it is highly recommended that you use them within six months from the date of purchase. 

Questions? Please call 6447 0217 or email  

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