Brand’s Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar


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BRAND'S® Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar contains exquisite goodness that helps maintain youthful skin as well as a smooth and wrinkle-free complexion. Comprising of premium quality bird's nest, it is all-natural with no preservatives or artificial flavouring. Rock sugar is also known to nourish the skin and body.

  • Ideal for beauty seekers who wish to maintain skin radiance and good health at the same time
  • Helps cleanse lungs and regulates the respiratory system (ideal for smokers and those prone to respiratory problems, coughs and colds.)
  • Provides a gentle cooling effect to reduce "heatiness"

Nutrition Information

Bird's Nest, Rock Sugar, Stabiliser

Consumption Idea

Enjoy BRAND'S® Bird's Nest in a number of ways:

  • Straight from the bottle at room temperature – especially convenient if you carry one or two bottles with you throughout your day
  • With the bottle warmed
  • With warm water added
  • With the bottle chilled

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