Flower Arranging Starter Kit for Kids - Paper Vase


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These are unprecedented times, with the COVID-19 virus tearing apart the familiars that we hold dear. And all of us know somebody, or somebody who knows somebody, who's either sick or stuck at home. But at The Bloom Room, we don't believe in letting the bad news get us down.

If you're staying home with the kiddos during this period, try this "Flower Arranging Starter Kit For Kids". Hopefully, just hopefully, it will occupy them for about 45 minutes! 

It includes: 

  • 1 DIY Mini Flower Arranging Kit with an Assorted Bunch of Bright Chirpy Fresh Flowers: Your kid can while away some time by arranging the fresh flowers in the paper vase provided that you can then display it in your room! Instructions will be provided. 
  • 1 Hush Candle "Tea Tree Pine Cedarwood" Hand Sanitiser: An alcohol-based organic hand sanitiser that’s rinse-free, moisturising, and 99.9% effective against all germs and bacteria.  Infused with an all-natural, herbaceous blend of Tea Tree, Pine and Cedarwood essential oils with anti viral and anti bacterial properties. 

    This care kit will be packaged in our signature The Bloom Room paper bag, making it a pretty and thoughtful gift.

    Together, we will pull through. 

    Questions? Please call 6447 0217 or email flowers@bloomroom.sg.

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