Pink Anthurium, Green Cymbidium & Mokara Orchid Table Arrangement


Only available upon request. Please email and we will reply within 1 working day.

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This reception table arrangement features 2 green cymbidium orchid blooms, 3 stalks of pink anthuriums, orange mokara orchids, accompanied by brown eustomas, pink hypericums and other fillers and foliage, set in low foam tray. It is elegant, unique and long-lasting, perfect for your conference or corporate event. 

  • Cymbidium colours include green (as shown), white, red, yellow and pink. 
  • Anthurium colours include pink, white, green and red.
  • Mokara orchid colours include orange, purple, red and yellow.
  • Foam tray used is cheap (doesn't add much to the cost of the arrangement), it is easily disposable afterwards. 
We can customise according your event needs. Please email to discuss further. 

Questions? Please call 6447 0217 or email

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