Wu & Wu First Aid Tin


  • Wu & Wu First Aid Tin
  • Wu & Wu First Aid Tin
  • Wu & Wu First Aid Tin

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Good lord almighty! A flying deer in a nurse hat! Cute young kids dressed as doctors on each side! And that’s just for starters! This beautifully embossed gem is the prettiest first aid tin in the world!


  • Vintage Asian-inspired design
  • 23 cm long x 13 cm wide x 155 cm high

Say hi to The Dumpling Dynasty!

When illustrator, Fiona Hewitt, and expert in Asian Kitschology, Andy Tainton, met and lived in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, they trawled the local flea markets and junk shops for inspiration. The result? Dumpling Dynasty’s line of uniquely Asian-kitsch products!

Questions? Please call 6447 0217 or email flowers@bloomroom.sg.  

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